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Teresa Duncan explores the dental business from behind-the-scenes of the industry to tackling management and business issues in the office.

Dec 1, 2017

Writing a book is hard work but it's not impossible. Kevin & Teresa discuss what was involved in writing, editing and publishing their books. We'll give you the cost, the effort and the pitfall of the process. They also go over the basics of marketing the book and how to get the word out. Can you write 1500 words? Then writing a book is possible! 

Mentioned resources:




Kevin’s book: Battling and Beating the Demons of Dental Assisting

Teresa’s book: Moving Your Patients to Yes: Easy Insurance Conversations

Rachel Wall’s book

Ginny Hegarty’s book

Christine Taxin’s books

Susan Gunn’s books

Rachel Mele’s book


Dental Hacks podcast

Gary Takacs’ podcast

Howard Farran’s podcast

Dental Implants & Worms

The Dental Marketer

Other links discussed:

Dayna Johnson’s Dentrix Office Manager

This is a mimeograph!