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Teresa Duncan explores the dental business from behind-the-scenes of the industry to tackling management and business issues in the office.

Jan 25, 2019

Today’s podcast is a fun conversation about travel, history and of course dentistry.


Timestamp 12:15 Christmas Traditions of Iceland!

Timestamp 15:06 Teresa’s favorite Christmas movie is what?

Timestamp 20:45 How was Greater New York and Christmas in NYC?

Timestamp 21:50 Don’t let continuing education die out - these are still important!

Timestamp 24:20 What is the common issue that dental team members are facing in their practices?

Timestamp 26:54 If you feel stuck in your career or your dental office, what can you do to make it better?

Timestamp 29:02 Is the grass really greener in the other office?

Timestamp 30:43 Teresa and Kevin weigh in on their recommendations on what to do if you are unhappy. Do these before quitting!

Timestamp 36:42 How can face to face communication remove potential issues from your office?

*Timestamp 44:37* Upcoming Events - come see Teresa and Kevin live March 1st in Cincinnati!

Timestamp 45:38 Final note -- HR rules for company events, and horror stories about bonuses.


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