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Teresa Duncan explores the dental business from behind-the-scenes of the industry to tackling management and business issues in the office.

Dec 16, 2020

This episode gets clinical but administrative folks need to know the why behind the treatment your doctor prescribes. Perio disease is linked to so many systemic ailments but did you know there are different bugs behind the disease? It’s why some patients respond well to SRP while others need more specific measures. We also discuss some of the conversations to have with your patients so they “get it.” Check out the graphics of these test results. Those alone are great education!  


Episode 67 Highlights 

  • What Is Bacteria testing?
  • The role of patient education
  • Pets and periodontal disease
  • Oral Systemic Link is more supported than ever
  • Transmission of disease (even kissing!)



  • “Office managers make things happen in the office. They look at the numbers and see what's going on."
  • "Let the patient know bleeding gums are not healthy. Healthy gums do not bleed." 
  • Why we test: "By doing a culture it lets you know how bad the infection is." 
  • "We never recommend or prescribe a Z-pak"
  • "You can go in and scale all day and it wont touch P. Gingivalis." 
  • "They can put dogs on an antibiotic before the appointment to reduce inflammation." 
  • "A lot of us have put on the covid-19 (lbs)!"
  • "Inflammation is everything."
  • "I learned that perio disease was transmissible through kissing when I was single!"
  • "Single people: your second date is a dental appointment." 
  • "Do a bacterial test before the ultrasonic treatment and make sure they haven't been on an antibiotic for 6-8 weeks." 
  • On new recommendations: "Let's come up with a different system to get you healthy." 


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