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Teresa Duncan explores the dental business from behind-the-scenes of the industry to tackling management and business issues in the office. Frequent co-host Kevin Henry throws in his viewpoint. We don't want you to ever be in positions where you find yourself saying "Nobody Told Me That!"

Oct 7, 2020

Today’s guest and my friend Dr. Brett Wells shares his story of not just one but two riots that affected his office. He’s learned a few lessons from the experience. I’m grateful that he agreed to share his story and those lessons. It may not be a riot but a natural disaster that threatens your physical location....

Sep 23, 2020

Episode 61 Highlights 


Onederful Is Trying to Keep You From Calling Dental Carriers - Fingers Crossed!


My insurance nerd flag was flying for this one! Karen Taylor of Onederful joins me to talk about the technology behind dental carrier information. If you’ve ever wondered what happens behind the scenes then this...

Sep 9, 2020


Episode 60 Highlights 

My benefits buddy Colleen Huff returns for another session of carrier happenings. We talked about PPE payments (who is paying and how to apply the payments) and how some plans are relaxing frequency limitations in light of COVID-19. Have you noticed that managers are burning out? We have....

Aug 26, 2020

Ep 59

Often we don’t discover the legal side of practice sales until we’re in the thick of it. Join me for a very information-heavy episode that focuses on ownership, numbers and how patients react to practice transitions. Natasha walks us through why a business plan and certain analytical reports are needed. She...

Aug 12, 2020

Episode 58

Angela Davis Sullivan and I go way back in our consulting days. I’m excited that you’ll hear her solutions for handling employee personalities and the weird situations we find ourselves in as leaders. Her advice is just so solid and I hope it’s helpful!


  • Covid-19 and charging for PPE - how...