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Teresa Duncan explores the dental business from behind-the-scenes of the industry to tackling management and business issues in the office.

Sep 9, 2020


Episode 60 Highlights 

My benefits buddy Colleen Huff returns for another session of carrier happenings. We talked about PPE payments (who is paying and how to apply the payments) and how some plans are relaxing frequency limitations in light of COVID-19. Have you noticed that managers are burning out? We have. We’re hearing and feeling it. How you train your new employees can make your life less stressful down the road. Don’t skip the onboarding process because you don’t have time - it will come back to bite you in the butt! Enjoy our incredibly nerdy insurance conversation! 

We cover:

  • Frequency Updates
  • PPE Updates and Colleen’s PPE Spreadsheet 
  • Hiring and Training Opportunities
  • Burnout and current challenges for managers
  • Sidebar: How we as managers can keep an eye out for child and elder abuse in our offices. We play an important role in identifying the patterns and signs. 




  • RE: PPE payments: “I don’t want it in the software at all, I want it out” 
  • “I am seeing a huge need for hygienists” 
  • “I am getting a lot of emails for doctors looking for a manager, where they didn’t have one before” 
  • “Covid brought out some good and bad for all of us” 
  • “It’s assistants that everyone is crying for” 
  • “We as managers are bearing the burden of so much” 
  • “Give me someone to train who knows nothing, they are my favorite” 
  • We have a role in identifying abuse: “Child abuse reports are down, but that does not mean it’s not happening.” It means teachers are not seeing it to report it.



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