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Teresa Duncan explores the dental business from behind-the-scenes of the industry to tackling management and business issues in the office.

Jan 13, 2020

Kevin returns to co-host this episode and we discuss the strangeness of embezzlers and their motivations. It was brought up by this article about an alleged embezzlement by an office manager in Utah. We also discuss one of the ‘queens of embezzlement’ Lori Doughty

But we’re not just trying to scare you. The episode goes into the traits of an embezzler and how to spot them. For many of you they’ll sound very familiar. Here’s a hint:

  • They leave late and come in early
  • Reluctant to take vacation
  • Protective of their working area
  • Been there for more than 7-8 years

Hitting a little too close to home? It did for me too! We went over what to do and why I want you to bring out your big balls in these situations. You read that right. I mean it, too. If you’re an associate, we talk about how it affects you as well. If you’re a manager, you'll hear why we’re always suspected. If you’re an owner, we want you to always keep your eyes open.

Other small actions to perform on a regular basis:

  • Ask for the day sheet
  • Ask for the deposit slip
  • Spot check, spot check and spot check
  • Pay attention when new employees question procedures - they're a fresh set of eyes!

We cleanse the palette by giving you some entertainment recommendations (Witcher/Joker/Don't F with Cats) and discuss the very long and full life of Kevin’s dog Hank. Hank is now chasing squirrels in heaven 😊

RIP Hank the Tank - pic here (we're still looking for the bacon explosion pic)

NOTE: I was wrong about Lori Doughty stealing 12 million. It was 1.2 million. Periods make a difference!

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