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Teresa Duncan explores the dental business from behind-the-scenes of the industry to tackling management and business issues in the office.

Nov 18, 2020

I’m always interested in how offices are handling the end of the year, COVID and other issues. Carrie Webber is the CEO of Jameson Management (one of the largest dental consulting firms in the country) and shared how Jameson offices are handling these situations. We talked about how her coaches had to switch into emergency mode while also trying to stay ahead of emerging problems. Leadership is a recurring theme for 2020 since so much crisis management was needed. Carrie and I round out the conversation with a very candid talk about how to help your colleagues that are not mentally in a good place. 


Episode 65 Highlights 

  • Leading through crisis
  • Shifting strategy and goals 
  • Turnover and teams 
  • How Training has become ‘gamified’
  • When sadness turns into something more




  • “In any kind of crisis someone has to take the lead and step up to help figure things out and move forward.” 
  • “Your end of year this year is not going to be what it was going to be.”
  • “This is my favorite, give me the popcorn, let's read the Facebook groups and see who has been leading strong and who has had their head in the sand!” 
  • “When we stay connected with our team and communicate with them it can help us navigate those painful waters and come back together healthier.”
  • “A danger zone for dentists is how isolating (dentistry) can be."
  • “You have to hire smart.”
  • “You cannot skimp on this - spend some money on training your new team members.”
  • “Maintain your whelm.” 
  • “There is a responsibility to just listen.” 


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